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TX Forms & Letters

I have forms or templates I use on a regular basis to remain organized.  Everyone seems to have their own methods of keeping data.  You may be able to adapt some of them for your use.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a source of inspiration and see what other people are doing.  I will post the template and an explanation on how I use it.

Speech Class Rules: I had a social pragmatics group brainstorm rules for our sessions.  We tried to make them as positive as possible.  If you need to print rules out quickly, here they are.

Homework rating scale:  I put this rating scale in a notebook with a speech assignment such as a poem, joke, or riddle.  I then make a goal with the student to get a rating of 5 for so many assignments before dismissal.  I can then use this information to determine how the student is generalizing their speech outside of the therapy room.

Goal Bank:  This is a list of goals and objectives I use  in most of my IEPs.  I find it saves time if I can cut and paste them into my I.E.P program and then tweak them for individual needs.


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