Sometimes individuals have  difficulty speaking and hesitate or get stuck on sounds, parts of words or  whole words.  This can range from a very mild problem to a  tension filled moment  that prevents a person from speaking.   Sometimes this condition is called stuttering.  It can be confusing for parents because young children  often  go through a  period of  dysfluent speech as they develope.  They will out grow it.    The Stuttering Foundation of America is the best resource for more information.  I’m not going to try to attempt to put the wealth of information that is on there, here.   I started this page so I would have a place to keep materials.

  • Fluency Practice cards: These are cards that can be used in a variety of  activities.
  • What Do you Say?:  These are cards to elicit social interaction and I ‘m using them with the fluency practice cards.
  • video about stuttering for kids who stutter:


Add a little fun to your therapy session.                    sprayers

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