January Bulletin Board

28 Dec

Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe we are this far in our school year.  I will be putting up a new bulletin board when I get back to school.  I thought some of you would like to get a head start too.   This is not a new idea for me, but for some reason I didn’t  get a picture of  the bulletin board from last year.

I will keep to a winter theme by having students make  snowmen.  We have a die cutter that cuts out snowmen.  You could cut out 3 circles  small, medium, and large, for the students to stack and make a snow man if you don’t have die cutter.  Students can then use  scrap paper to make props and clothes for them.   Finally I had them make a sign for snowman to hold.  This gives them a chance to formulate relative clauses using descriptive phrases.  An example for a sentence would be.  “I am a snowman who is wearing a striped scarf and black hat”.  They get quite creative with this and can usually come up with several sentences that will apply. I have seen  flying snowmen with wings and snowmen who look like football players.

A snowman who………

This year I will make sure I take a picture of the bulletin board and post it.

Snowmen Galore