Taking Speech Therapy to the Farm

5 May
Angus at the Farm

It is time to bring out the farm theme materials. Thanks to my sister and her husband I can give you an up to date look at operating a farm in Minnesota. Before technology became available to classrooms, we were stuck using old sets of picture cards that were often very outdated. The family farm has changed a lot since then. Put those materials away because here are some up to date resources.

Thankfully, many of us have access to Wifi and can now stream video for our students. Of course this has led to another difficulty for teachers. When do you find the time to look through all those videos on YouTube to find the right ones. Many are too long or filled with technical jargon.

Farmer Jim has made a series of short video clips for your use. They are each about 4 minutes in length. They are meant to be family friendly and not full of of technical jargon so they can work well for anyone including early elementary grades as well as some special needs classrooms. The tractors, machinery and animals appeal to all ages. They are posted on YouTube.com under Our Minnesota Farm if you would like to look the series up.

Field Tractor

The videos are meant to educate people on the day to day operation of a modern farm. A lot of our students and adults live in urban areas and have no idea how our food is produced. All they see is the prepackaged food in the grocery store. It is important for all of us to know where food comes from so that when topics come up in the news, we know what they are talking about and can support our hard working farmers.

Angus Calf

The first 2 video clips deal with feeding Angus calves. You are welcome to use the pictures for educational purposes.

Are you wondering how they get fuel for that tractor? You can’t just drive this to the gas station.

Where does the grain come from for the calves?

The field finally did dry out a few days later so tilling was started. These aren’t your old fashion tractors. They also use GPS. I wonder if this counts as screen time. 🙂

Tilling the field