Receptive and parents often have concerns about the listening and comprehension skills of their students.    There are many reasons why a student may have difficulties with this.  It can range from physical conditions of the teaching environment, health issues of the child, or cultural differences. More information about this is located at the bottom of the page. If you have concerns about a particular child, please seek the advice of a certified Speech and Language Pathologist.

You may feel free to use any of the activities  for  children on your caseload, in your classrooms, or your individual child.  They are not meant to be  copied for commercial purposes or moved to another site.  I would rather you link back to this site.

I developed some of the following materials to work on Receptive Language.   

  •  Why questions :   Cards used to practice answering why questions, make inferences, and elicit sentences with “because”.  Pictures make this download take a little longer.
  •   When questions: Cards used to practice answering when questions.  They can be used to elicit complex sentences using temporal words. Pictures will increase the download time.
  •  Who questions:   Cards used to practice answering who questions, introduce ocupation vocabulary, and elicit adverbial phrases such as (   ________ is a person who___)
  • What questions: Cards used to practice answering what questions and descriptive information.
  •  How questions: Cards used to answer how questions.  A student can also get practice  using because and or in sentences, looking at more than one perspective, and making comparisons.
  • How and Why question comparison.  Answer questions from a short paragraph.
  • There are nine trial cards for you to try out. just click on the trial star.
  • The full set is at the TPT store.  Just click on the button.
  •  Comprehension of Complex Sentences:   9 cards, Text only, to practice comprehension of connecting words such as instead of, either/or, neither/nor, until, while, except, and position.
  • The set was updated to include pictures and a double sided feature.  There is a free trial set of 9 cards,with pictures,  for you to try out. Click on the yellow trial button
  •  Click on the button to get to the complete set of 36 cards at TPT
  • More Comprehension of Complex Sentences 
  • 36 more cards to add to your set.  There is also a free trial of 9 cards. Trial cards from the two sets give you 18 free cards.
  • Click on the Star to get the free 9 cards for More Comprehension of Complex Sentences.
  •  Antonym Sentences:  Read the sentences to the student and see if they can form a sentence back that means the opposite.
  • Antonym Reversal Sentences:  An updated version that provides a front and a back with sentences using corresponding antonyms so that the cards become self checking. Click on the star for a free trial:
  • You can buy the full set at TPT by clicking on the button below.
  •   Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions:  4 stories that are somewhat vague so a student will need to draw conclusions from the clues.  The stories also contain vocabulary prominent in 3rd and 4th grade curriculum.
  •  Listening activities online:  A site that has interactive activities that require listening for details or directions.

Tips to Share with Teachers

Great list of tips for “How to get Students to Follow Directions:”

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