Fluency Activities

Sometimes individuals have difficulty speaking and hesitate or get stuck on sounds, parts of words or  whole words.  This can range from a very mild problem to a  tension filled moment that prevents a person from speaking.   This condition is often referred to as stuttering.  It can be confusing for parents because young children often go through a  period of  repeating words and sounds as their speech matures.  Most children will out grow it.  If not, a speech pathologist should be consulted. The Stuttering Foundation of America is the best resource for information. 

 I included this page for a source of speech therapy materials for my fellow speech pathologist.  I can not guarantee any results if they are not used under the guidance of a professional. Please seek the guidance of a certified speech and language pathologist to address concerns for a specific student. Below are some materials I have used in the past.

Fluency Practice cards: These are cards that can be used in a variety of  activities to practice control.

What Do you Say?:  These cards elicit social interaction and I use them with the fluency practice cards.

Refresher for fluency practice:

spray bottles