March Expressions Bulletin Board

27 Feb

It is time to change the bulletin board again.  The students really seem to enjoy these projects and ask each month what we are going to do next.  I like them because they can encompass so many objectives from speaking clearly with detail to following directions.  I think they like using the art supplies since there is not as much time to do art in the classrooms.  These same students often have difficulty following directions and get lost in a large group.   In a small group they can all be successful.

Leprachaun hand
Leprechaun from hand print

I obtained my materials from a lot of different sources.  I found a  hat on this web site and shrunk it down to a usable size.       Leprechaun_Hat.   This site taught how to draw facial expressions.

I used Story Kit to record the directions. This app is no longer available as of 2022. However the directions still work. You may be able to use another program such as Power Point to accomplish the same thing.   Students took pictures of the project and made the story sequence themselves.  It taught them about sequencing and providing important detail.  You can access their directions here.  Leprechaun Directions.

It took two sessions to accomplish everything.  Not only did it make interesting therapy sessions, I have a new bulletin board for March.  Here is a picture of the bulletin board.

Directions for Antonym Hearts

26 Jan

It is hard to believe we are getting to the end of January.  This is parent teacher conference week for us so it has been hectic getting all the progress reports written.  In between conferences I usually have a chance to make changes on the bulletin board for February.  I decided the antonym bulletin board  worked really well last year so I would do it again. I liked the way the directions for the paper ornaments worked on the Story Kit so I decided to use it again.

glitter heart
Glitter heart

As a relook at this post in 2022 I found that StoryKit is no longer available as an app. However I found that the link is still operating.  I thought that some of you may still find it useful.  You can find the directions on this link. Glitter Heart Directions

The Antonym board
The Antonym Board

January Bulletin Board

28 Dec

Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe we are this far in our school year.  I will be putting up a new bulletin board when I get back to school.  I thought some of you would like to get a head start too.   This is not a new idea for me, but for some reason I didn’t  get a picture of  the bulletin board from last year.

I will keep to a winter theme by having students make  snowmen.  We have a die cutter that cuts out snowmen.  You could cut out 3 circles  small, medium, and large, for the students to stack and make a snow man if you don’t have die cutter.  Students can then use  scrap paper to make props and clothes for them.   Finally I had them make a sign for snowman to hold.  This gives them a chance to formulate relative clauses using descriptive phrases.  An example for a sentence would be.  “I am a snowman who is wearing a striped scarf and black hat”.  They get quite creative with this and can usually come up with several sentences that will apply. I have seen  flying snowmen with wings and snowmen who look like football players.

A snowman who………

This year I will make sure I take a picture of the bulletin board and post it.

Snowmen Galore

December Bulletin Board and Following Directions Activity

25 Nov

  It is hard to keep students focused at this time of year. I continue to search for materials that have speech therapy value and are not time intensive. Schools have also become more culturally sensitive which makes it even more of a challenge for what I can actually put up on a bulletin board. This activity meets many of the requirements.

I often already have a tree from November’s bulletin board.  I move the limbs so it looks more like a fir tree.  I use the teacher trick of tracing  the student’s hands on green paper and having them cut  them out for leaves.  I can staple these on the tree to provide the fir part of the tree.  I then have students make and  add the paper ornaments.

paper ornament

I found this great paper ornament that meets the requirements.  It is a simple activity  that even the youngest children can complete and it allows practice  following directions and retelling a sequence.  It is found on  I have access to plenty of colored paper and glue sticks so I won’t need to get additional materials.

This is a picture of how it turned out.

Beautiful paper ornaments
TeachersvPay Teachers Sale
Teachers Pay Teachers Sale