It is the Little Things That Count

22 May

Many parts of the country have had their last days of school but we are still finishing up the last couple of weeks of our year.  It is easy to feel defeated and wonder if the whole thing is just one big paper using,  report making,  operation.  It is times like these that it is important to remember the things that made you smile through out the year.  Some the following gave me a smile.

dog eating homework

The task cards I make for TPT are usually made for specific student goals.  Some of my students have attention deficit disorders and I am always trying to find creative ways to keep their attention.  I remembered when I was a child that my  name never seemed to be in any stories.  I thought that some of my students may feel the same way so I decided to use the names from one of my classes on the task cards.  One of the boys saw his name and was thrilled.  He had to take the card and show his teacher. They were also thrilled to find their teacher’s name.  Such a simple thing to keep them enthused about task cards. It is one advantage  to making your own materials.

My students with Downs and Autism make me smile a lot.  They continue to show me the value of play and that a toy’s worth is determined best by it’s ability to spin.  Tops can spin almost anywhere for preposition development. A box of happy meal toys is priceless for cause and effect. Do not decide the value of a toy by its cost. Free is sometimes the best.

Good Will was a gold mine this year.  After a year of searching I  almost  fell over when I discovered a Cariboo game for $5.00.  It was only missing the key which I replaced with a golf tee.  My husband couldn’t quite figure out why I acted like it was Christmas.  It is truly a great game for speech therapy so don’t give up on the search.  When you least expect it the game shows up.

I have had an  iPad with some game apps available for reinforcement. When given a choice my students were choosing a game off my shelf rather than the iPad. I have to smile when technology doesn’t always win over the old fashion games. I find this encouraging because I feel board games are still better when it comes to developing social communication.  I know that many therapist are implementing 5 minute individual speech drill  sessions and are foregoing the games.  However, I have only a  few students who see me only for articulation.  They usually have a mix of language, articulation and social skill deficits.   The games play an important part in  therapy and give me a better idea of their skills then drill.


lessonplan dartboard

You may notice I have been  playing around with the design of my Blog.  I am not sure if I will ever be truly satisfied.  It is something else that keeps me entertained.  I fixed a few links lately that were not working.  Sometimes updates throw things off. Please make a comment if you can’t get to something.



I am a retired ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 35 years

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