Winter and Cold Theme

9 Jan

I have noticed that there are a lot of wintery cold places across the United States weather map.  Some of you have even experienced a snow day or two.  We have experienced mainly cold here with blasting wind. We have not had the ice or snow that is typical of this time of year. We decided to make our own.

January is a good month to bring out the winter theme items.  I found a snowflake on Pinterest that was looked easy to make and looked impressive.  It turned out so well that the students didn’t want to leave them for my bulletin board after making them.  Thus I only have 3 of the large ones up on my bulletin board.  I  made a free  download of the directions that you can share with your students.

button for free download
click here for the free download

button for free download
click here for the corner stencil

I added the corner template to make it easier for the students to draw the curved arches in the corners of the triangles. I used cardstock. and cut the slits just wide enough for a pencil.  

The students were able to make them within  a 20 minute time period.  The directions review vocabulary such as half, triangle, corner, arch, curve, middle, small, medium, large,  and center. Have fun. Don’t count on having any left behind for a bulletin board.


I am a retired ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 35 years

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