That’s a Wrap.

23 Jun

Summer is here.  I don’t usually post  much about personal happenings, but they do have an effect on  my postings.  There has been  lot happening behind the scenes.   The month of June  came in with a flurry of events.  Some were good like the college graduation of my youngest  daughter.  Family members  flew in for the event so I  was able to spoil a grandchild and celebrate  at the same time.  We are also planning for  a wedding in August.

Some not  so good.   The last week of school  I received notice that I would be changing schools for the  next school year.  Then after I packed up  I found I would be staying  put.  That was what I really wanted so Murphy’s Law worked on that one.

Then if that wasn’t enough, my school district had a tragedy occur that made national news.  It made the staff realize that the realities of our world can intrude anywhere and it is not safe to say, “‘That will never happen here.”   It made for a somber ending to our school year.

On a better ending note, I  never dreamed when I started this blog 5 years ago,  that  I would someday say , “We have outgrown this place.”    Changes are needed so it can continue to be user friendly in the future and not get bogged down.  With the help of  my new family graduate, the blog will be going through a transformation.   We are in the process of updating and moving to another host.  This blog has been a learning experience for me.   I  knew nothing about blogs  and some of the frame-work  is not how I would structure it today.  There will be  improvements such as easier access to the free material downloads, a url that matches the title,  and no pop up advertising.  I will try to keep headings similar so that you can still find things.  Meanwhile, this site will stay up until the opening day and after that will direct you until you get use to the new place.   I will alert you to when the change goes into effect.   A thank you  for those  of you  who have visited my TPT store.  You  supported the updates and  my blogging habit.



I am an ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 35 years

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