Directions for Antonym Hearts

26 Jan

It is hard to believe we are getting to the end of January.  This is parent teacher conference week for us so it has been hectic getting all the progress reports written.  In between conferences I usually have a chance to make changes on the bulletin board for February.  I decided the antonym bulletin board  worked really well last year so I would do it again. I liked the way the directions for the paper ornaments worked on the Story Kit so I decided to use it again.

glitter heart
Glitter heart

As a relook at this post in 2022 I found that StoryKit is no longer available as an app. However I found that the link is still operating.  I thought that some of you may still find it useful.  You can find the directions on this link. Glitter Heart Directions

The Antonym board
The Antonym Board


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