December Bulletin Board and Following Directions Activity

25 Nov

  It is hard to keep students focused at this time of year. I continue to search for materials that have speech therapy value and are not time intensive. Schools have also become more culturally sensitive which makes it even more of a challenge for what I can actually put up on a bulletin board. This activity meets many of the requirements.

I often already have a tree from November’s bulletin board.  I move the limbs so it looks more like a fir tree.  I use the teacher trick of tracing  the student’s hands on green paper and having them cut  them out for leaves.  I can staple these on the tree to provide the fir part of the tree.  I will then have them make and  add the paper ornaments.

paper ornament

I found this great paper ornament that meets the requirements.  It is a simple activity  that even the youngest children can complete and it allows practice  following directions and retelling a sequence.  It is found on  I have access to plenty of colored paper and glue sticks so I won’t need to get additional materials.

This is a picture of how it turned out.

paper ornaments


I am a retired ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 35 years

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