Are we there yet?

22 May

I know some of you have finished your school year, but we are still plugging along here.  With all those end of the year meetings its hard to plan for the actual therapy sessions.  I’ve been grabbing into some old but goodies.

In a previous post I talked about using beanie babies in a mystery box to elicit questions, identify attributes, and categorize.  I’m doing something similar to this using match box cars and vehicles. It helps to put the vehicles out first and identify parts, use, and descriptions.  I have a student put one of them in a mystery box and the others ask questions until it can be identified.  You can also have a student make a riddle describing 3 attributes and then have the students guess.   I use a vehicle communication board to help students to formulate their questions and descriptions.  This board is now in the vocabulary section.  The boys always like to see the cars, so this activity keeps their attention.

I’ve also used the map I made for the  concept group labeled Cars and Map.  I added two taped papers to make walls on either set of the track and added a paper cone to make a mountain to go under.   I have the students drive the cars on the track telling me where they are in the process.   On the way they identify across the tracks, under the mountain, over the bridge, through the tunnel and between the walls.  Some of my lowest students love this activity and can identify those prepositions.  Who would believe that poster board with recycled junk taped on top  could be so motivating.


I am an ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 30 plus years.

One thought on “Are we there yet?

  1. I like your idea with the match box cars! To add to that, I have students play “Guess What”, kind of like “Guess Who”, eliminating cars that don’t go with the question asked until the vehicle is solved. I also did that several years ago with Beanie Babies.

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