Flip Book for Sentence Development

9 Mar

I just a wanted  to let you  know there is a new download in the Expressive Language session.  This week I’ve been making  flip books  with quite a few of my students.  I have a flip book I made quite a few years ago and students wanted to make their own.  I thought this would be a great  homework activity  and wouldn’t take much effort once it was set up.  It emphasizes  having a subject verb and object in a sentence.  Students like flipping the pages to make a variety of sentences.  Sometimes the sentences make sense and other times they can come out quite crazy.  I’ve used quite a few irregular past tense verb forms.  It also allows for practice  of subject and objective pronouns.  I have access to a binder although there are other ways to use it in the directions.  I found that lining up index cards and punching the holes for the spiral proved less time-consuming then trying to cut them later.  I used an uncut tag board piece to support the back. The students used glue sticks to glue pictures on the flip pages.   They practiced starting their sentences with yesterday to practice the past tense forms.  I broke the downloads into two booklets to make the download easier.

flipbook 1 flipbbok 2


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