Concept Group 21

14 Apr

This week we used ball  relays to go over the concepts behind, in front,  through, over, and end of the line.  They also practiced following 2 to 3 step directions and working in a team.  We formed 3 lines of about 10 students each.

The first direction was to pass a ball through their legs to the person behind them.  The ball continued to be passed until the last person received it and then the line could sit down.  They were encouraged to work as a team and use encouraging words to keep team mates going.  The first group required instruction on sportman ship  and appropriate words to say to another team when they lost.   The 2nd direction was to pass the ball over their head to the team mate behind them.  Again they could sit down when their team completed the task.  These two tasks were then combined together.  The ball was passed through legs to the last person in line and then the last person returned the ball passing it over the head of the  person in front of them.  When it came to the beginning point everyone sat down.

The final task was dividing each line in half so there was a group A lined in single file and facing a group B also in single file.   Separate the two lines enough that a ball can be tossed from one side and still caught on the other side.  The first person in group A tosses the ball to the first person in Group B.  After tossing the ball the group A person runs behind the Group B line and becomes one of them.  The front person in line B now tosses to the person in the front of line A and then goes to the back of line A.  This continues until the lines have now switched to the opposite sides.  This requires some thinking for the students to follow the directions.  Don’t be surprised if one line becomes longer than the other as people get in the wrong line after throwing the ball.  This created an opportunity for a little problem solving.


I am an ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked in the public schools 30 plus years.

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