Concept Group 11

8 Dec

   I was at a conference last week if you noticed I didn’t have a post.   This week we continued working on the concepts left, right, forward, and back ward.  The classroom teacher requested we work on completing a pattern as this was part of the math program lesson this week.   We divided the session into a motor movement part and then a table activity.  We decided to do some dance movement which lends itself naturally to learning a pattern.  We did the Hokey Pokey in line dancing format.  The students formed two lines and then faced the partner in the opposite line.  We then talked about left and right hands and how they can hit their partners left or right hand by crossing over.  It gives them an awareness that it  looks different from the perspective of the student opposite of them.  We then had them turn and form lines again.  We  practiced moving the right foot out, the right foot in, the left foot out and the left foot in as directed.  This prepared them to do the Hokey Pokey while we sang the song  and included turning  yourself around and clapping hands  at the end.  While still having the students in two lines we practiced the movements for the Bunny Hop.  Again we talked about placing your right foot out twice and then your left foot out twice.  We then practiced hopping forward three minihops and then backwards three minihops.  After practicing  this we added music.  We had limited space so kept limited movement.  If you have more space you may be able to move on further.  We then moved to the table activity.  This consisted of using a container of parquet blocks that had a variety of shapes.  The teacher at each table started a pattern with the blocks.  Students then selected blocks from the container to continue the pattern.  For those who need a reminder of what the bunny hop looks like here is a short video  of the bunny hop.   Here is the tune and words to the Hokey Pokey


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